DAY 6 ‘Youth’ in Manila


I think Pinoy My Days have no plans of ‘Letting Go‘ of the ‘Beautiful Feeling‘ that they received from the boys of DAY6 since they were able to grace us with their presence ‘For The First Time‘ during the epic Youth Tour in Manila which happened last October 6 at the New Frontier Theater.

For those of you who do not know who the guys of Day 6 are, they are the first boy band that the renowned JYP Entertainment produced. Some of their popular songs are Letting Go, Congratulations, I Loved You, I Like You, and Shoot Me. All of the songs that Day 6 released have well written lyrics that a lot of people could relate to with music arrangements that are backed-up with an undeniably powerful and distinct vocals.

I must say that this is one of the best concerts that I have been to yet! Pinoy My Days must have longed for Jae, Wonpil, Young K, Sungjin, and Dowoon for a long time that, their fans brought along with themselves an intense and “contagious” energy that lasted for almost 3 hours!


It was very evident that the boys were also in awe of how amazing the crowd was that night that they can’t help but praise Pinoy My Days while they were singing or after they performed each song.

Aside from the Pinoy My Day fans who deserve the best fandom award this year for delivering such crisp and clear chants, superb singing skills, and enthusiastic, joyous screams,  here are the other memorable moments that happened during Day6′ s  Youth Tour in Manila.



The guys of Day6 , known for their hugot songs, complimented the powerful vocals with great music arrangements. I must say that these guys really sound better live! Even though they already performed more than 20 songs that night, which included their smash hits like Congratulations, Letting Go, You Were Beautiful, I Like You, Beautiful Feeling, and Shoot Me, the feeling of longing for their return still lingers in our fangirl and fanboy hearts.



The genuine smiles on Day6’s faces are very vivid while performing all of their songs. They said that the Pinoy fans surprise them one song after the other since, like I said earlier, Pinoy My Days have really prepared themselves well, for this day to finally happen. I even lost count on how many times they said Amazing, Beautiful, and Nice. It was such a heartwarming gesture by the boys to shower their My Days with a lot of compliments that night. I guess we also proved Young K that Filipinos can indeed sing well!



My Days sang Congratulations starting from the first verse up to the second (or was it third) verse of the song, BEAUTIFULLY!!! It was perfect enough to make the hairs on my body stand up. Hello, goosebumps! It was definitely one of the best memories that I had during this concert.



Since Young K can’t get over of the harmonious singing and clear chants during their Shoot Me performance, he sang the portion of the song wherein he could hear My Days’ chants. His face and actions definitely showed that he can’t contain his amusement and happiness after hearing it again.

Since it was a very successful and memorable concert, the boys promised that they will be back with better performances. Let’s just hope that it will happen real soon so that we won’t miss the boys too much~


Special thanks to the awesome people of My Music Taste who made DAY6 Youth Tour in Manila happen!

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