Everything About Super Show 7

By Stephanie Ellao


Five years of waiting has doubled, even tripled the excitement of ELFs (Super Junior fandom name), as they got ready for the shortest saving they could ever make for the Super Show 7 in Manila last June 30, 2018.

Members Leeteuk, Heechul, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Shindong and Eunhyuk finally returned to the Philippines after the long awaited comeback of their group.

The show started at 8PM as all fans gathered at the Mall of Asia Arena, screaming all their heart and lungs out as Super Junior started with their performance of Black Suit, followed by Scene Stealer and Mamacita.

The members then greeted the Filipino fans using their Tagalog phrases they have practiced well.

Some of the memorable lines were:

Ako ang inyong lodi.” (I’m your idol.) – Shindong

Sana magiging masaya ang gabing ito.” ( I hope this will be a fun night.) – Donghae

Namiss niyo ba ako? Mas namiss ko kayo!” (Did you miss me? I missed you more.) – Yesung

“Mahal ko kayong lahat!” (I love you all!) – Siwon

“Sigaw pag namiss niyo ako.” (Scream if you missed me!) and his signature “Grabe grabe.” – Eunhyuk and his Mahal Ko Kayo wave inspired by Sandara’s.

“Masaya ako na nakita ko kayo mga Pilipinong prinsesa.” (I’m happy that I saw you Filipino princesses.) – Leeteuk

Other songs performed by the group were This is Love, Too Late and their renowned song, It’s You. They also sang their ballad songs such as One More Chance and Memories.

Their recent title track Lo Siento was performed midway during the concert with all the fans chanting together.

Their back up dancers also had the opportunity to perform Super Junior hits U, Oppa Oppa and Can You Feel It.

Other performances that followed were Runaway and Too Many Beautiful Girls which was one of the highlights of the night as the “Lightstick Synchronization” filled up the whole arena with its beauty.

They sang Magic while roaming around the stage. Member Donghae once again proved that he is the Fanservice King as he approached fans several times and took their phones to take photos and videos. Other members also warmheartedly got near the fans and communicated with them.

Fans got wild as they performed their Rock Version of their renowned hit song Sorry Sorry, Mr. Simple and Bonamana which hyped up the attendees even more.

Heechul showcased his drumming skills and fans got to see break dance from Eunhyuk.

Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk got emotional at his speech, mentioning how some of the fans are now a college student, someone’s lady and a child’s mother. Fans shed tears as they watched the flashback of the journey of the group over the past 14 years as they serenaded them with Shining Star.

Encore stage started with their single Devil and ended with Paradise as they playfully interacted with ELFs.

Filipino ELFs also sang Happy Birthday for members Leeteuk and Heechul who celebrate theirs on July 1 and July 10 respectively.

The concert ended with the members taking the commemorative group photo and saying their final speech for fans.

“Mahal ko kayo!” They always say.

They also expressed how much they love and missed their fans all the time which made the fans even happier for the long awaited concert.

They promised to come back for Super Show 8 and I am sure that with the live performances and the playfulness of all the members, a long wait for these boys will be absolutely worth it!

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