Kim Min Gue is coming to Manila!

Rise Media is bringing a ‘Heavenly Idol” to Manila to meet his Filipino fans!

Ten years since his debut, Kim Min Gue will finally see his Filipino fans at the New Frontier Theater this April 14, 2023, for one ‘Heavenly Moment‘!

Kim Min Gue made his acting debut in the year 2013 and started being in the limelight after guesting on the show ‘I Can See Your Voice‘. Min Gue captivated a lot of viewers not just because of his boy-next-door looks but also because of his mellow singing voice. Since then, Min Gue received a lot of projects with very notable roles. He’s been an elegant royal (Queen: Love and War), a charismatic agent (Snowdrop), and an attractive chief secretary (Business Proposal). Now, he’s a Pontifex who mysteriously traveled to another dimension and became Woo Yeon Woo, a member the idol group Wild Animal, on ‘Heavenly Idol‘.

Tickets to Kim Min Gue‘s ‘Heavenly Moment’ in Manila are now available at all Ticket Net outlets nationwide and on their website Check out the ticket prices and perks below:

While waiting for this handsome young actor to arrive in Manila, here are some of his dramas for us to stream/re-watch (just click the links below):
The Heavenly Idol
Business Proposal
Backstreet Rookie
Because This is My First Life

Visit and follow all of Rise Media’s and Fangirlasia’s social media accounts for updates:
Rise Media Philippines



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