A night of “FIRSTS”: Lee Jae Wook’s ‘FIRST’ Fan Meeting in Manila

Lee Jae Wook and his adoring izzimos had one “extraordinary” night filled with memories and discoveries during his ‘FIRST’ Fan Meeting in Manila last March 11, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater.

‘Alchemy of Soul’s’ very own Jang Uk opened the show by serenading his fans with the song “Everyday, Every Moment” originally sung by Paul Kim. The highly anticipated fan meet was divided into parts/segments starting with ‘Lee Jae Wook‘s TMI’, ‘Lee Jae Wook‘s Favorite’, ‘Lee Jae Wook‘s Habit’, ‘Lee Jae Wook Wants To Know About You’, ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Best 3 Ending Scenes’. The stunning actor’s personality shined through the first segment as he wittingly answered the questions and gave realistic advice to some of his fan’s concerns that delighted everybody present at the theater.

For the second half of the show, Lee Jae Wook got to interact with some of his lucky fans for the ‘FIRST Challenge with Lee Jae Wook‘ Segment. Some of this segment’s highlights was when:
Lee Jae Wook personally called a lucky fan wearing her Naksu outfit (made by her sister) on-stage
– Fans were given an advantage during all the games with their favorite actor which effectively made them winners and receive prizes.
– Each participant had polaroid shots together with Lee Jae Wook

A lot of raffle prizes were given away that night too: the actor’s polaroid photos, signed Alchemy of Souls OSTs, and one of Lee Jae Wook‘s glasses. The lovable actor also had a special photo time for all of his izzimos present at the venue to cherish all the happy memories during his ‘FIRST’ fan meet in Manila .

The show ended on a sweet note as Lee Jae Wook showcased his impressive vocals with the song ‘Tomboy’ originally sung by Hyuk Oh.

As their fans made their way outside the venue, the tall and charismatic stunner briefly saw his fans up-close during the hi-bye session.

Another core memory was unlocked for Lee Jae Wook and his fans that night. I can testify that everybody went home with more love and appreciation for the man of the hour and that the energy they received that night could suffice to fuel the coming work week.

Thank you and congratulations once again to Wilbros Live for another successful show that brought happiness to Lee Jae Wook and his fans.


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