Lim Kim signs with New Entry Entertainment

December 9, 2010, SOUTH KOREA – Singer-songwriter, Lim Kim signed an exclusive contract with New Entry Entertainment.

New Entry Entertainment formally announced that they signed an exclusive contract with one of Korean Entertainment’s enchantresses, Lim Kim. “It is an honor to be with Lim Kim who is greatly loved by the public for her irreplaceable voice. We have planned to support her activities in various fields from music to entertainment to acting”.

Lim Kim also expressed her excitement as she starts her journey with New Entry Entertainment. “We are preparing a new image and music to be closer to the public and we are planning more activities shortly” said Kim.

Through her social media accounts, the sultry artist posted new profile shots which exuded her elegance and urban chic style to give audiences a glimpse of her growth as a versatile artist.

In 2011, Lim Kim (known as Kim Ye-rim) appeared on MNET’s Superstar K 3, the third season of the South Korean talent show series Superstar K as ‘Two Months’, which led to her success as an artist. She made a breakthrough in the K-industry under her former agency, Mystic Entertainment with the songs ‘All Right, Voice, Rain, and ‘What To Do With You’ which showcased her dreamy and soothing vocals.

When her contract with her former agency ended in 2016, she went on hiatus and came back as an independent solo artist, Lim Kim. Her comeback went viral to the public in 2019.

Breaking-free from the music style and image people knew her for, she proved her versatility by bagging awards at the 17th Korean Music Awards in 2020 for ‘Best Dance & Electronic Album’ and ‘Best Dance & Electronic Song‘.

Lim Kim’s new home, New Entry Entertainment is spearheaded by its founder and CEO, Sang Hyun Sung. With years of experience in distinguished agencies such a SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment, there surely is a lot to look forward to with New Entry Entertainment’s presence in the world of Korean Entertainment.

This year, she lent her voice to one of the soundtracks of K-Drama ‘Reflection of You’ starring  Go Hyun-jungShin Hyun-binChoi Won-young and Kim Sang-ho, entitled ‘Moments’ this October. Also, stream one of her latest singles ‘Falling’ on YouTube and on various music platforms.

Meanwhile, Lim Kim is currently working on her new album and plans to appear in public through various activities, not just in music but in acting and entertainment as well.

With Lim Kim on board New Entry Entertainment, we could definitely anticipate a more empowered version of this femme-fatale that will once again stir up the entertainment industry.

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Photos courtesy of New Entry Entertainment

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