Hello K-Idol Inspiration: Yook Sung Jae

Yook Sung Jae

Yook Sung-jae is a South Korean actor, singer and host of television shows. He is famous for being a member of the popular K-pop group, BtoB and its subgroup known as BtoB Blue.

Entertainment Career & Achievements
On March 21, 2012, he made his official debut with the BtoB band by contributing with the songs ‘Insane’ and ‘Imagine’. Before the end of 2013, he essayed the role of Sung Joom in Korea’s highest rated television drama ever, ‘Reply 1994’.
In the same year, he appeared in the television drama ‘Plus Nine Boys’ and in this romantic comedy. In 2016, he performed as Yoo Deok-hwa in the hit drama “Goblin” and this role earned him critical acclaim and he became a phenomenon in South Korea.
Yook Sung-jae received the Best Couple award along with Joy and the Best Male Rookie award for his appearance in ‘We Got Married’. He even won the Rising Star award for his performance in the show ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’.

Yook Sung Jae on Hello K-Idol
Because of Yook Sung Jae’s stellar career achievements, he was chosen to be one of the two K-Idol inspirations in the Viu Philippines original show, “​Hello K-Idol”. He continuously encouraged, shared experiences, and is a witness on the Hello K-Idol K-Trainees’ journey to become a Korean idol.

Check out these Yook Sung Jae shows on Viu
All the Butlers https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/111533/All-the-Butlers-2018
We Got Married https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/111331/We-Got-Married-2014
Inkigayo Music trend https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/35449/Inkigayo-The-Music-Trend-2016
Goblin https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/37603/Goblin-TL-EN-Sub
Plus Nine Boys https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/62194/Plus-Nine-Boys
Reply 1997 https://www.viu.com/ott/ph/en-us/vod/64773/Reply-1997

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