Mr. Sunshine (A Spoiler Free Post)

Trisha Tries To Write...

WARNING: This is not your typical K-Drama series about the love story between the main leads. Well, yes, the love aspect is still included in the storyline but it is more of an unconventional love story because this drama also focuses on patriotism, independence, and hope.

The creators of the hit dramas, Goblin and Descendants of the Sun, proved to us once again that they can still give viewers a better, well thought of storyline with flawlessly directed scenes supported by superb production sets, amazing costumes, and breathtaking actors that gave justice to the roles they portrayed.

Mr. Sunshine is set in the Joseon era, at a time when Japan, U.S.A, and Russia have tense political ties while “conquering ” lands from all over the world to gain more power. Although this is a work of fiction, I believe that even if a scenario like this happens in real life…

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