10 Reasons Why On Your Wedding Day is the Most Anticipated Rom-Com Korean Movie of the Year

Article by: Stephanie Ellao
Edited by: Trisha Inocencio

Many K–Drama and K–Movie enthusiasts, as well as romanticists, are very much excited for South Korea’s latest blockbuster film, On Your Wedding Day, which will hit Philippine cinemas on September 19!

As of September 12, the film marked 2.6 million views, becoming the most watched melodrama/romance film of 2018 in South Korea.

(Photo from Reality Entertainment)

The amazing chemistry between Park Bo-Young (Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon and Oh My Ghost) and Kim Young-Kwang (Pinocchio and Good Doctor) is undeniably perfect as they are once again reunited on the big screen after their last 2014 hit, Hot Young Bloods.

If you want a feel good movie and reminisce about the roller-coaster of emotions that you felt when you fell in love for the first time, On Your Wedding Day is a film that you shouldn’t miss! Want to know more reasons why? Keep on reading 😉

1. Love will come in the most unexpected way and leave a big impact into your life.


2. Being in love can trigger you to do foolish things to impress and show your sincerity to the person you love.


3. You commit yourself and keep promises to show your love and devotion to that person.


4. There may come a time when someone has to leave the relationship for the benefit or for the sake of the other person.


5. Sometimes, the most unmotivated person could change for the better for the person he/she loves the most.


6. Love is all about timing and it can teach you how to “find” yourself  during your best and worst moments in life.


7. Fate/destiny can really be playful, even when you least expect it to happen.


8. Your decisions may either improve or destroy your relationship.


9. First love never dies. No matter what happens, that person will always have a special part in your life.


10. Learn to appreciate and be thankful of the “journey” that the both of you went through since it is one of the contributing factors that could help you grow as a person.

Don’t miss out and watch On Your Wedding Day this September 19!

Laugh, cry and revive the feeling of falling in love for the first time with your family, significant other, colleagues, and your best friend, we can assure you that you and the person you will watch it with will be able to relate to the unforgettable relationship between this movie’s main leads. Check out the full trailer and list cinemas.

Brought to you by: Reality Entertainment

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