Be A Seoulista with Seoul White Korea

Written by Stephanie Ellao

Edited by Trisha Inocencio

People always get infatuated by Korean idols, actors and actresses because of how they  maintain their Chok Chok, or that fresh, dewy, almost porcelain-looking skin.

It is true that most of them invest in taking care of their skin rather than buying a lot of  make up that is why even with just a minimal amount of foundation/BB Cream, their skin still looks like it is lit from within.

We all know it is quite costly to complete a set of skin care products to follow the Korean skin care routine, but, did you know that even with a minimum budget, it is not an excuse for you to achieve better looking, kutis Koreana skin?

That’s right! Thanks to Seoul White Korea, you may bring out that beautiful Seoulista in you!

Seoul White Korea is different from local beauty brands because they’ve created quality products that can live up to the standards of K-beauty! These are carefully made and are adapted for Filipino skin, promising to bring us that Korean glow!

The Seoul White Korea Double Whitening Soap and the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-up Whitening Milky Cream are the products that can live up to your expectations

The Seoul White Korea Double Whitening Soap comes in a white bar with Seoul White Korea engraved in it. This magical soap has the following main ingredients: kojic berry, and white strawberry.

Kojic berry is a combination of the tried-and-tested kojic acid and arbutin bearberry which helps lighten the skin without any irritation. The white strawberry, on the other hand, works as an SPF and exfoliator for that double whitening effect, without the “hapdi” feeling.

The Seoul White Korea Instant White One Up Milky Cream is one of a kind as it instantly lightens your skin tone upon application. It also consists of ingredients found in its soap which are kojic berry and white strawberry, this cream also has donkey milk. Donkey milk has tons of Vitamin C and is known to moisturize and nourish the skin.

What I personally liked about the soap is that it lathers quickly and is gentle to the skin. I use it on my face and my body and I really like its scent! The tone up, on the other hand, softens your skin and upon application you can see that it  instantly brightens and whitens your skin.

If you want to achieve that “kinis puti, kinis Koreana” skin and be like your favorite K-idols, try out these promising, affordable products!

You can purchase Seoul White at Watsons, SM Beauty Stores, and online shops such as Lazada and Beauty MNL.

Seoul White Korea Facebook Page

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Seoul White Korea Instagram Account


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