Season of GFRIEND in Manila Highlights

Article by: Angel Cruz
Edited by: Trisha Inocencio
Photos by: Stephanie Ellao and Angel Cruz


GFriend proved that everything’s worth the wait as they set the stage on fire for their first ever concert, Season of GFriend in Manila. The lovely girls of GFriend finally met their Filipino Buddies last August 26, at the Kia Theater.

Here’s a summary about what happened during that event-filled day:



Hours before the concert, GFriend posed and answered some questions for their VVIP fans and the media. When asked about what Filipino words that they learned, “Mahal Kita”, “Salamat” and “Kamusta” are some of the words that Yerin remembered, she also said that she wants to try “turon”. I guess the girls are also quite familiar with some of our very own artists because when they ere asked about who they want to collaborate with, SinB said that they want to collaborate with Moira dela Torre since the girls love to sing ballad songs.


Their concert was divided into four parts which symbolizes the four seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall.


Aside from performing their hit songs Navillera, Rough, Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, and Summer Rain, during the second season/second segment of the concert, the members had their solo stages

SinB. Her awesome dancing skills were showcased as she danced to BoA’s No.1.

Sowoon. She owned the dance floor when she performed one of Sunmi’s hit songs, Gashina.

Umji. The maknae charmed the crowd as she sang 21…not familiar with that song? it’s because this witty gal changed IU’s 23 to 21 (her age).

Eunha. Eunha biased fans were thrilled as she showed her sexy side during her special stage.

Yuju. GFriend’s main vocalist showed her vocal prowess as she performed Ailee’s popular song, Heaven.

Yerin. This adorable member performed Lee Hyori’s very catchy song, U Go Girl.

During the last segment, Pinoy Buddies were on a roller coaster of emotions, they got so hyped when the girls went down from the stage while still performing to have a closer look at their fans. But then as the show draws to a close, a video made by the fans was shown on stage which made GFriend and their Buddies emotional.


It was indeed a very memorable night for both GFriend and their Buddies! Can’t wait to see them again soon!

The event was presented by MyMusicTaste, Official Hallyu and Source Music.  You can follow their SNS accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We would like to thank MyMusicTaste for letting us cover the event.

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