Say Hello to the Newest K-Idols in Town with Viu and Globe’s Hello K-Idol!

By Trisha Inocencio

Last July 13, 2018, a press conference for Viu and Globe’s original reality show, Hello K-Idol, was launched at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent.

The gorgeous Country Manager of Viu Philippines, Ms. Arianne Kader-Cu, and Globe Studios’ highly competent Head, Quark Henares, excitingly shared details for Viu’s very first original reality show, Hello K-Idol.

Hello K-Idol will be featuring 10 male finalists who will vie to become the next K-idol. These 10 male finalists will be mentored by some of the best talents in the Phlippines, Jinho Bae, Dasuri Choi, and Morisette.

During the press conference, BTOB’s maknae and versatile actor, Yook Sung Jae, as well as Drug Restaurant’s vocalist & lead guitarist, Jung Joon Young, delighted the audience with their presence on stage for a short interview led by Madam Kring Kim.

These two will serve as the finalists’ “inspirations” throughout their journey to become the next K-Idol. The very first Hello K-Idol winner will receive a full  four-month scholarship to train in one of Korea’s prestigious entertainment talent schools.

Jung Joon Young fans, are you still reading this?! We are aware that a lot of you sent in messages and left comments asking if you will be able to see your charismatic oppa for a concert or fan meeting some time soon, well… we have GREAT NEWS for all of you! We are ecstatic to let you guys know that he will be having his first fan meeting in the Philippines very very soon (*cough cough* September)… so better start saving up!

Hallyu fans, stay tuned and be on the look out for your favorite K-Pop idols who “might” appear on Hello K-Idol! This new reality show will run for 10 weeks starting this July up to September exclusively on Viu.

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