An Afternoon with Jinho Bae and his Baecons

Article by Marai Claudel
Photos by Adcel Faurillo
Edited by Trisha Inocencio


Jinho Bae, a rising South Korean singer and YouTuber based in the Philippines, spent an afternoon with Baecons (his fans) last July 1, 2018 at the D-Cup Coffee Republic.

Excited Baecons who arrived early at the venue, greeted Jinho warmly as soon as their idol entered the venue and walked towards them.

Jinho’s fans prepared a lot of fun and exciting games, as well as performances, which he enjoyed watching. While playing the games with his fans, it is really evident that he is a witty, down-to-earth, and sincere guy. Beacons are so lucky since they can really see how Jinho cherishes each and every one of them.

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Of course, the event would not be complete without Jinho performing for his lovely Beacons. He sang some of his hits like “Nanghihinayang”, the Korean version of “Hindi Para Sayo” (requested by his fans), and his newest single “Muli”. He also sang “Beautiful”, one of the soundtracks for the hit K-Drama, Goblin. He said that he was supposed to sing only 3 songs but he was overwhelmed by the number of attendees that he even sang Big Bang Taeyang’sEyes, Nose, Lips.”


Before his fan meet came to a close, all of his fans had the opportunity to take a selca (selfie) with him as well as a group photo with all of his fans, which served as a great souvenir for that event. Also, he was gracious enough to thank the hardworking admins/organizers of the event (Baecon Philippines), the fans who were in attendance (most especially to those who came from Angeles and Tarlac). He also gave a shout out to some of the parents who accompanied their children to the fan meet.

This sweet and thoughtful guy even asked his fans to thank their parents for allowing them to come to his event and even told his fans (from the beginning) to be nice to his new fans/viewers and be patient with them when asking questions about him, most especially when he is on Facebook Live.

With a mindset like this, I am sure that his fans will forever be loyal to him and that a lot of people will realize what a gem this guy truly is.


Shout out to Ms. Nina Ledesma and Baecon Philippines for accommodating us. We hope that you’ll invite us again on your future events. 🙂


Jinho Bae is a pure South Korean who lived in the Philippines for almost 15 years.  He can speak fluent Tagalog and English. He graduated from Mapua with a degree in Psychology and even won the title, Mapuan Idol back in 2014. He then gained popularity here in the Philippines by covering songs such as Bugoy Drilon’s “Paano Na Kaya” on Youtube.  His debut single is his revival of Jeremiah’s 90’s hit, “Nanghihinayang.” He currently has a massive following on Facebook and boasts a huge number of Youtube views. His singing style that can bring out the feelings and soul of a song which captures the hearts of many, especially his Youtube followers. His love for his Filipino fans and cheerful disposition endears him to young Pinoys, you can see it on his Facebook Live and Vlogs. He always says that he has a “Pusong Pinoy” and thanks the fans for loving KPOP, but to also love OPM.

Follow him on his social media accounts:

TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube, and Spotify.


One response to “An Afternoon with Jinho Bae and his Baecons”

  1. Mary Jane J. Bitoy Avatar
    Mary Jane J. Bitoy

    Kaya sobrang namin siya minahal dahil sa good personality niya at na pa ka down to earth niya. Sobrang thank you din na naging part ako ng fandom . Simula umpisa hanggang dulo nan dito lang po kami para sa kanya handa sumuporta. Proud na proud ako na naging part ako ng baecons.


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