Jinro Light: Lighting Up The Night

By Trisha Inocencio

Thanks to the Hallyu wave, the world’s best selling spirit is making waves here in the Philippines!

HiteJinro Co., Ltd., the company responsible for the famous Jinro, Chamisul, and Chamisul flavored Grapefruit has launched its new liquor, Jinro Light exclusively in the Philippines. Compared to Jinro which has 24% alcohol content, Jinro Light only has 17%, which will definitely guarantee you a longer drinking session with your friends.

Two days after the press conference, which was held at Cove Manila, lucky people who received invites to attend the public launch of Jinro Light partied and drank the night away at Dulo MNL, located in the hustling and bustling Poblacion area in Makati. The venue was set-up perfectly to set the mood for the launch (shout out to the guys of Comma Entertainment) and drinks were free all throughout the night as long as you participate in the “missions” the organizers prepared such as, posting a selfie with Jinro Light.

To be honest, I get drunk easily (most especially if it’s Chamisul, hello Asian flush!) but, I was able to drink more, and say jjan and gunbae a lot of times, thanks to Jinro Light’s lower alcohol content.

Be sure to grab a bottle or two of Jinro Light when you head on to a Puregold or S&R branch nearest you. But if you’d rather spend the night out with your friends and enjoy Jinro Light, these bars got you covered:

Dulo MNL

Z Hostel


Run Rabbit Run

Also, payday Friday’s fast approaching so be sure to set a date with your friends and experience what Jinro Light has to offer~


Aside from the popular somaek (beer mixed with soju), you may also add shots of soju in your favorite slush, juice, Yakult, or Melona with Chilsung.

Comment below if you need recipes for these, we will gladly share it with you guys!

***Photos during the press conference and launching will be uploaded on our official Facebook page***

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