A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi): A Review

By: Trisha Inocencio

Photo courtesy of Netfllix

Hwayugi a.k.a A Korean Odyssey is a fantasy series packed with a lot of humor and “learnings”. What a great combination, right?

A Korean Odyssey is also Lee Seungi‘s “comeback” drama after what every South Korean man has to face, their mandatory military service. Aside from him, this drama has a star studded line up composed of veteran and promising actors like Oh Yeon Seo (Please Come Back, Ahjussi), Jang Gwang (Love in the Moonlight), FT Island’s Lee Hongki, Cha Seungwon (You’re All Surrounded), Lee El (Goblin), Sistar’s Bora, and YG’s versatile rapper, ONE (such a cutie pie). The actors’ matched with their characters perfectly and gave justice in giving life to the role that they portrayed.

Written by the famous Hong sisters (The Master’s Sun, You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, The Greatest Love). This story is about a self-centered immortal, Son Oh Gong (Monkey King) who finds himself at the mercy of Jin Seon Mi, a property dealer who sees dead people. She also has a lotus-scented blood which makes her a magnet for monsters.

This drama made me stay up all night (it’s that good!) but for this review, I decided to not just focus on the love story of the two main characters which led me to understand that this drama was able to put into light, some of the issues that our society is facing nowadays:

  • Comparing ourselves to others which in turn makes us inferior about ourselves (primarily because of what we see in social media)
  • Hiding skeletons in our closet which will eventually jump out of our closet no matter how hard we try
  • That the world is not getting any better because we do not try hard enough to appreciate what we have and just focus on how to obtain things that we still don’t have or still longing for

Indeed, happiness is a choice and it can be found on even the simplest of things. Accepting our fate, appreciating other people, and eliminating negative vibes (as much as possible) will probably be some of the great things for us to take into consideration so that we could start to feel better about ourselves and also, make this world a harmonius place to live in.

Aside from my (serious) two cents on the series, I also discovered new places which I already added to my list when I go back to South Korea:

  1. Ms. Yoon in Wonderland- the bar owned by by Winter Fairy which holds a lot of memories for her and the gang. Check out their official Facebook page.
  2. Walkabout Bar- the place where Son Oh Gong “bullied” Jin Seon Mi. LOL. Click here to visit their Facebook page.
  3. Emack and Bolio- General Winter’s ice cream shop which is Oh Gong and PK’s favorite wholesome spot. I still need to confirm though if it really is in Songdo Park.

Also, the series’ soundtrack is addicting and it has been on my playlist for quite some time now. My favorite tracks are When I Saw You by Bumkey, Like a Miracle by Hwang Chi Yeul, I Will Be By Your Side by MeloMance, and Let Me Out by NU’EST W.

Be sure to not miss out on this drama and “legitly” watch it on Netflix. If you are not a member yet, don’t fret. Sign up now and get free subscription for a month, sweet right?!

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