White Tree Korean Premium Cafe

My White Tree Experience by Stephanie Ellao

For those of you who are looking for a place to chill, study, or catch up with family and friends, I highly recommend White Tree Cafe. The cafe has comfy tables and chairs, adequate power sockets, free wifi connection, and a classy ambiance that will surely give you an enjoyable and memorable stay.


From main dishes to desserts, this cafe has got you covered! Also, do not forget to check out their new offerings every month.

SOY GARLIC CHICKEN: P180/4pcs. and P210/6pcs.




They also sell products made in the Philippines. Check out the coffee beans from Sagada and Benguet, and pure honey from Davao.


Feel free to choose from different styles of hanbok and have your photo taken at the their photo-op corner.

Overall, I highly recommend this cafe to anyone who is looking for a budget friendly/value for money place that wants to satisfy their bingsu, coffee, or snack cravings. Let us know what you think about this place by leaving a comment below.

White Tree Korean Premium Cafe is located at Katipunan Avenue. Do not forget to like their Facebook page or visit their website.

Also, for more photos and details about this blog post, you may visit Stef’s blog.

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